Aerial Surveys.  Client National Grid

We are pleased to announce we are working with the National Grid on a ongoing basis to undertake Aerial Surveys and and ground surveys, photography and video production.

We hold  BESC safety certificate to work at substations for the National Grid.

Providing technical imagery of specific parts to measure changes in structural stresses and liquid requirements of machinery and buildings, previously hard to reach and high risk areas are now safer to access due to the use of Drones.

Sdimaging can provide Aerial photography and videos.

Aerial Photography. CAA approved and insured for aerial photography and video for commercial use.

Aerial photo/videos can be very good for images of sites to show visitors and staff site layouts.
Can fly up to 400ft off ground level subject to risk assessments and airspace.
We can also make the use of masts if drones cannot be used for any reason.

Video Production. Similar to above ground and air based use, for surveys, informational videos, marketing, safety videos, animated safety videos etc.


Aerial Surveys