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For professional funeral filming and live streaming services, we provide coverage using one or multiple video cameras at various venues like churches, gravesides, or crematoriums. Visit our dedicated website for detailed information.


We cater to all types of religious or non-religious events, including Christianity (Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Methodist), Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, and Buddhism. Our services extend to both religious and secular ceremonies.


Employing cutting-edge broadcasting technology from reputable TV companies, our live streaming utilises special 4G/5G routers that consolidate signals for seamless broadcasting. For areas without 4G coverage, we offer satellite live streaming solutions.


Experience the highest quality funeral filming and live streaming services with us.

Funeral Live Streaming


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Funeral Video Services

Funeral filming From a company you can trust.

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Funeral streaming

We continually live stream funerals all over the UK

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Funeral Filming or live Broadcasts

The highest quality funeral streaming. Choose us as your funeral videographer.


Funeral Filming Services

 At SDimaging, we recognise the significance of commemorating and preserving memories of your loved ones. Our professional funeral filming services are crafted to document every moment of the ceremony with the reverence and sensitivity it warrants. We provide top-notch, discreet live streaming services, allowing remote family members and friends to partake in the event even if they cannot be there in person.

 Our skilled team of videographers possesses extensive industry experience and is committed to creating visually captivating content that authentically captures the gravity of the occasion. Leveraging cutting-edge 4G/5G bonded technologies, we guarantee a steady, high-quality broadcast comparable to TV studio standards, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

 Our funeral filming services extend beyond merely documenting the ceremony; they are about narrating a story – your story. We collaborate closely with you to fulfil your specific requirements and deliver a final product that serves as a fitting tribute to the life being honoured.

Live Streaming for private events.

Utilising cutting-edge technology, we offer the option to live stream your event or funeral through a public or private link on various streaming platforms. Our private links come with discretion and can include passwords for viewers, eliminating sign-up hassles or software downloads. Additionally, we provide a recorded backup to ensure seamless viewing in case of any connectivity issues. Experience our funeral filming services with peace of mind.

Satellite Live Streaming Services

At SD Imaging, we lead the way in revolutionising live event broadcasting through our cutting-edge Satellite Live Streaming Services. In a time when connectivity and live interaction hold immense importance, we guarantee that your pivotal moments are flawlessly captured and broadcasted in high definition, transcending global boundaries.

Satellite Live Streaming Services

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Funeral Streaming

Funeral Live Streaming: Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to Watch a Livestream Funeral?

Watching a funeral live stream is simple. We send you the link, and you can share it with anyone you wish to join the service. They just need to click the link, which works on any device – desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and more. No software download needed, just a click. The live stream usually starts about 20 minutes before the service begins.


2. How Much Does a Funeral Video Cost?

Funeral video prices start at £440.00 for a single-camera live stream at one location. For two cameras, the cost is £500.00, location dependent. Adding coverage of the graveside or crematorium costs an additional £80.00 per venue. For details, visit our booking page on our funeral filming website:


Funeral Live Streaming

In our modern, interconnected world, physical distance should not hinder the opportunity to bid farewell. This is where our professional funeral live streaming services play a crucial role. At SDimaging, we offer a seamless live streaming experience, enabling remote participation for family and friends who cannot be present at the funeral.

Utilising cutting-edge 4G/5G bonded technologies, we ensure a stable and high-quality connection, delivering a streaming experience comparable to on-site TV studio broadcasts. Our setup includes multiple cameras, both ground-based and aerial, for comprehensive coverage of the ceremony.

Our expert team manages all technical aspects discreetly, ensuring the ceremony remains the focal point, not the filming process. We recognise the gravity of this occasion and are dedicated to providing a live stream that is both dignified and top-notch in quality.

Live Funeral

Seeking a professional funeral videographer in London and neighbouring counties? We strive to excel as the top funeral video services company in the UK. Our use of high-end video and audio equipment ensures the capture of poignant memories during your service or memorial. With no limitations on viewers, loved ones can tune in from anywhere globally with an internet connection. Kindly explore our Testimonial page on our dedicated funeral website, Funeral Live Stream, for client feedback.



Our goal is excellence in providing funeral live streaming services. We cover memorials, crematoriums, gravesides, wakes, and capture the essence of natural burials.

Funeral Live Streaming
Funeral Live stream

Funeral Videography Services for Graveside and Crematorium Ceremonies


At SDimaging, we provide professional videography services for graveside and crematorium ceremonies. Recognising the profound importance of these final goodbyes, we approach each project with utmost sensitivity and respect. With our skilled team experienced in filming diverse locations, we ensure to capture every moment of the ceremony, regardless of the venue.


Whether it’s an open-sky graveside service or a serene crematorium setting, we use cutting-edge video technology to record high-quality, emotionally resonant footage. Through a blend of ground and aerial cameras, we offer a comprehensive visual narrative of the ceremony, capturing every significant detail for a complete storytelling experience.


Additionally, we offer live streaming options for these ceremonies. Leveraging advanced 4G/5G bonded technologies, we deliver a stable and top-quality live stream, enabling remote attendees to participate in the ceremony and pay their respects, even when they cannot be there in person.

In an age where distances and unexpected events may prevent physical attendance at funerals, our funeral live streaming services offer a heartfelt solution to unite loved ones in times of grief and remembrance. With our cutting-edge technology and compassionate approach, we deliver a seamless and secure live streaming experience, enabling family and friends from across the globe to take part in the funeral ceremony. Our dedicated team ensures the utmost professionalism in setting up the live stream, capturing every poignant moment to provide a reliable broadcast for remote viewers. We deeply understand the sensitivity of such occasions and place privacy and respect at the forefront throughout the entire process. By selecting our funeral live streaming services, you allow those unable to attend in person to be virtually present, offering comfort and a sense of togetherness during challenging times. Allow us to assist you in honouring the memory of your loved one by facilitating connection and sharing the funeral service with compassion and dignity.




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